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Our kitchen is the heart of the house that leads to a sweet sunlit patio and can be accessed from the staircase leading to the rooms. Througout the seasons, we invite you to join us here for breakfast, degustations, our occasional themed dinners, or simply a warm conversation over a drink.


Big or small breakfast


The Coffee croissant:

As the name suggests, coffee and one croissant will be served either in the comfort of your room or in the Kitchen bar. 

To be ordered the night before: €4/person


 The 100% french:

Start the day in the french way with a selection of  tea, organic coffee, or hot chocolate accompanied with a basket filled with bread, baked fresh every day from Madame Pichon's bakery, Marmalade (specialty of my mama), muesli, yogurt, fresh fruit, and fruit juice from local farmers. Served in the Kitchen or out on the patio between 8:30h and 11:11h.

To be ordered the night before: €8/person



and Outbuildings..


Dhamma Crypta, The Crypt

We found a secret basement under the house then we emptied it of its earth and its rubble. After the discovery of Roman remains and archaeological excavations, we built a thermopolium, a lararium and a small crypt where pilgrims stop.


EL Patio,

The Andalusian atmosphere

Possibility of lounging there, it is the smoking place, to have an aperitif and refresh your feet in the fountain. It is also a place where pilgrims can sleep if they want to enjoy the coolness of the night.


Internet connection


Once inside the small world of The Aubergine Rouge, you can still keep in touch with the universe. We offer you wifi within the whole estabilishment (Wifi: Aubergine Rouge).

The secret password can be asked at the reception.

Boris Vian - les joyeux bouchers
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