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At L'Aubergine Rouge there aren't any similar rooms. All the rooms have their own unique character.

There is the cozy Van Gogh Room, the beautiful Aubergine Room and at the top, under the stars, The Heavenly Suite.


Open the door of each room and take your time to do a virtual tour where you'll discover three very different worlds...

   The Vinyle Room 


Van Gogh's Room


Chambre Van Gogh_edited.jpg

The Pianist Room


L'aubergine Rouge.jpg

Van Gogh's Room has been recognized as one of the top 8 most unique Airbnb rooms in the world, and our guests highly recommend our charming rooms.

We're happy to welcome you at L’Aubergine Rouge and we'll do everything to make your stay as comfortable as we can!


With pleasure!

Les z'Aubergistes....


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