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The activities proposed by

l'Aubergine Rouge




Photo Stage






Apart from your mental rest you have at L'Aubergine Rouge you can also loosen up your body, give your body the attention it needs and enjoy a full massage. We have a professional masseur at your service. Ask at the reception for more information.


If you are interested in anything that has to do with photos and pictures, you can start a photographic adventure in Arles  with our professional photographer David. He will offer you his knowledge and give you the experience you were waiting for.


During the winter period, enter the cooking world! You can create typical recepies with fresh products from the market and spices who'll blow you out of your socks. Ask at the reception for more information.


After living 8 years in India, Mira came back for the arlesian's sake and for their happiness. Having her as a yoga professional is an honor that we would like to share with our visitors. English lessons available.



tel: 0033650446329 

Guided Tour


French Lessons

Plan B


Musicians Welcome


Discover Arles with Nathalie, official Aubergine Rouge's guide. The doors of secret places will open in front of you. Ask at the reception for more information.

 "Arles à la carte" is a language school where you can start your French courses. Lessons all year round! Ask at the reception for more information.





We're a group of friends and neighbours who're happy to open our houses so that everyone will be able to find a place to sleep at a reasonable price. Every style, every taste at every price. Plan B, the place where to BE!


L'Aubergine Rouge has a beautiful living room and in this beautiful living room, there is a beautiful piano that you can play at any time. During the winter, in front of the fire, you can animate everyone's evening.

- Aubergien Rouge
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